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Integrating Renewable Energy  

Why Renewable Energy?  

We live in a world where air and water pollution, a direct result of coal, and gas fired energy production, pose serious health, safety and environmental concerns. Demand for these fossil fuels is not sustainable. Increasing dependence upon foreign sources of oil and gas threaten our long-term national security. Turning to nuclear energy, while offering a short-term panacea, increases radiation waste and decreases our security by offering another tempting target to those who wish to do harm.

Renewable sources (solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydropower) offer a way out from an increasingly polluted and insecure world. Each of these sources of energy are needed for a prosperous and secure future.

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Why Solar?

Solar is the most universally available source of all the renewables. With solid state conversion of photons from the sun to electrons for electricity, solar power is unmatched by any other renewable source for accessibility. Photovoltaic (PV) reliability has been tested for decades on spacecraft in the harshest of all environments. PV thin-film flexible laminate panels include a 25 year power output warranty and 5 year system warranty.

Why Sundial Energy, Inc.?

Sundial Energy offers a full-line of solar products utilizing flexible PV laminates. Solar Security Lighting, SmartShade™ Solar Parking Structures, and Solar Bus Shelters.

For the commercial business, residential developer or individual homeowner, Sundial Energy offers complete solar power system installations tailored to meet each customer's preference, including industry leading inverters, charge controllers, batteries and monitoring.

Sundial Energy is the right choice for your home or business.


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