Solar Powered Bus Shelters

with Battery-Based Storage Systems

SmartPower Bus Shelters

• Remote location capable. No wiring or costly trenching needed.
• Sizes – 204 watts @ 12 volts, 248 watts @ 24 volts, 372 watts @ 24 volts
• Length – appropriate up to 20'
• Enhances design and roof aesthetics
• Solar laminates conform completely with a curved roof.
• Vandalism resistant
• Premium quality standing seam metal roof is weather-tight
   and has an extremely long life span.

Integrating the latest UL approved laminate technology with premium metal roofing by MasterCraft Metals, Inc., the SmartShade Roof™ provides customers with cost effective power generation from an attractive integrated roof that lasts a lifetime.

Sundial Energy’s Solar Bus Shelter roofs provide electricity to attached advertising kiosks and security lighting without being connected to the grid. The bus shelters are complete stand alone low voltage electric systems that utilize a smart controller with battery storage.

Architects and the public appreciate the clean lines of the solar laminate. Simple, fast installation of the modular roof assures client satisfaction. Clients will rest easy knowing they've purchased a quality product backed by solid warranties: 25 years PV and 10 years from MasterCraft Metals, Inc.

The Solar Bus Shelter’s SmartShade Roof delivers where it really counts: performance. The SmartShade Roof generates electricity even at very low sun angles and continues to perform well under the hottest conditions or cloudy weather. By laminating the solar to the curved roof the energy through put is more consistent as the sun passes over the arc of the roof than with ridgid frame mounted modules.

bus shelter illustration

Why SmartShade Roof?

Speed: Sundial Energy’s Solar Bus Shelter SmartShade Roof installs faster than all other solar panels. On-ladder time is minimized and no roof racks are needed with this system.

Efficiency: Due to their remarkable temperature and shadow tolerance, Solar Bus Shelter SmartShade Roofs produce more electricity than traditional crystalline panels, on a watt-per-watt basis, in actual power output.*

Aesthetics: In the SmartShade Roof system the power producing surface is laminated directly to the metal panels to maintain roof profiles from all directions. The SmartShade Roof’s unobtrusive quick connect wiring system  is hidden in roof details to eliminate the negative visual impact associated with rack-mounted crystalline modules.

Reliability: The SmartShade Roof will last. With no penetrations through the roof panels in typical installations, any potential for roof failure is minimized. Since power is produced under diverse temperature and lighting conditions, more electricity will be available when you need it. And a 25 year power output warranty.

Vandalism Resistance: Sundial Energy’s PV laminates are highly resistant to vandalism. They have no glass to shatter and aggressive adhesion makes them extremely difficult to remove.

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