SmartShade Solar Parking Structures


Sundial Energy, Inc. merges PV flexible laminate technology and MasterCraft Metals to produce the SmartShade™ shade structures


Commercial Structures from 1 kW – 250 kW  •  Residential 1 kW – 6 kW

SmartShade solar parking structures deliver where it really counts: performance. The SmartShade roof generates electricity even at very low sun angles and continues to perform well under the hottest conditions or cloudy days. The result is more total energy throughput and up to 30% more power production, on an installed watt-per-watt comparison, than crystalline modules. All grid-tied SmartShade roofs include one or more AC receptacles that can be used to charge plug-in hybrid cars or any electric vehicle, including bikes.

shade structure


Speed: Sundial Energy’s SmartShade Roof installs faster than all other solar panels. On-ladder time is minimized and no roof racks are needed with this system.
Efficiency: Due to their remarkable temperature and shadow tolerance, SmartShade Roofs produce more electricity than traditional crystalline panels, on a watt-per-watt basis, in actual power output.
Aesthetics: In the SmartShade Roof system the power producing surface is laminated directly to the metal panels to maintain roof profiles from all directions. The SmartShade roof's unobtrusive quick connect wiring system is hidden in roof details to eliminate the negative visual impact associated with rack-mounted crystalline modules.
Flexibility: The SmartShade Roof can be installed over a wide range of roof geometries, from 3.5° to 60°.
Reliability: The SmartShade Roof will last. With no penetrations through the roof panels, in typical installations, any potential for roof failure is minimized. Since power is produced under diverse temperature and lighting conditions, more electricity will be available when you need it. Includes a 25 year power output warranty and 5 year system warranty.  
Vandalism Resistance: SmartShade Roof laminates are highly resistant to vandalism. They have no glass to shatter. Aggressive adhesion makes them extremely difficult to remove.
Rainwater Harvesting: Perfect roof for rainwater harvesting. Can be added at any time to reduce consumption of a scarce resource.
Low Glare: Beneficial in airport applications. No glass reflectivity like traditional glass-faced modules.
Balance-of-System (BOS): Because the SmartShade Roof laminates do not require an additional roof mounting system, as do crystalline solar panels, BOS costs for hardware and labor are reduced. Only the most efficient BOS components are used in order to reduce production losses inherent in many installed systems, resulting in more energy per watt installed



Photovoltaic Laminates
• Roof slope: 3.5° to 60°
• Temperature limitations: 185°F (85°C)
• Available laminate lengths: 9'.4" (285 cm) 16'.5" (501 cm) 18' (549 cm)
• Standard laminate width: 15.5 inches (39.4 cm)
• Can be wired in series or parallel
• UL listed
• Efficiency: 100% rated output under  standard test conditions (STC); 94.6% rated output - PVUSA test conditions (PTC) - one of the highest in the industry; actual energy output is up to 25% higher, kWh per installed watt, than silicon crystalline modules.
• Temperature Coefficient: -0.21%/°C  > 25°C compared to -0.45%/°C to -0.55%/°C for crystalline modules
MasterCraft Metals roofs
• Standing seam 24 gauge roof panels
• Low maintenance
• Low life-cycle cost
• Fire and wind resistant
• 35 year "Kynar" paint system
• Minimum roof panel width required: 16 inches (40.6 cm)
• 5 year system warranty
• Flexible PV Laminates - 25 year limited warranty
• MasterCraft roof installation - 10 year limited warranty
• NO roof mounts needed
• Inverters (DC to AC conversion)
• AC and DC disconnects
• Batteries (optional)
• Charge controller (only with battery system)
• Meter or meters


SmartShade™ is a Sundial Energy trademark



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